Trusted Financing Partners

Logging Equipment Financing

We have access to lenders for all credit types and situations. From direct bank financing for qualified applicants to broker deals for those challenging credit rates. We have trusted financing partners standing by to work for you to get you the best rates on your terms.

  • We have 3 generations of experience and have built a name that financial institutions trust. We have a reputation second to none for fair prices for our quality used logging equipment.
  • They know that we have had our used logging equipment evaluated by our mechanics, repaired, reburbished, and ready to go back to work for our customers. Since we own our equipment they have confidence that we know our machines.

When Applying
for Financing

When applying for financing you should already have certain items organized and ready. This will speed up the process and reduce the time you are waiting to complete the deal and start using your new equipment. As every logger can attest no one can afford down time in our industry.

Whether you decide to get approval before or after you find that perfect piece of equipment you should be prepared when working with a finance company. Below is a list of items you should have ready when reaching out for financing. This will exponentially increase the speed of the process. We recommend having all of your insurance ready early in the financing process. We have seen it take 3 days to get quotes and insurance secured at the end of the financing process delaying funding and delivery of the machine.

Complete Application

Complete online application with a financing partner.

Driver's Licenses

Copies of each signor's driver's licenses as proof of identity.

Voided Check

Copy of a voided check from the business checking.

Bank Statements

Copies of all pages of previous 3 months bank statements to verify income.

Sole Proprietors

Copy of the oldest Schedule C from tax returns to verify time in business.


Get quotes once you find the logging equipment to prevent forced placement.

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